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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching

It’s not a question of whether you are capable, it’s about investing in the process to get there.
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Leadership development

Facilitate a program for leadership or culture coaching in a group setting. This development program is for a cohort of 5-15. (Get your numbers!!)
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Develop your team in key areas like leadership development, culture development, and team building.
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Keynote speaking

Not just another keynote speaker. “From unknown to becoming known for what you do.”
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Shock The World

The debut book from Steve Mellor is NOW AVAILABLE

A competitor's guide to realizing your potential

Your potential is not going anywhere, and this book guides you through 3 Phases, 10 Shocks, and an endless amount of accounts and examples of what it takes to realize your potential, and shock the world!

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Through candid, insightful, and impactful discussions, the Career Competitor podcast welcomes competitors from the sports arena, corporate America, entrepreneurs, and many other walks of life too. The show delivers content that will leave you feeling better equipped to take on your career and optimize your lifestyle as well.

Offering what is Required of You – Stuart Waddington

November 14, 2022
- Stuart Waddington
To optimize the impact you can potentially have on those around you, it is vital to know what those people need from you. My guest on this episode is Stuart Waddington, founder and director of STAR Development UK where he and his team are providing people, teams and organizations with PEAK EXPERIENCES and you can learn more about the company…

Personally Brand Yourself for Success – Claire Bahn

December 12, 2022
- Claire Bahn
Within our discussion, we pinpoint competitive qualities and insights to establish a strong personal brand so…

Annual Chat with Steve & Pat

December 5, 2022
- Pat Fellows
On this episode I sit down with good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Pat Fellows for the…

The Passion Drives the Work Ethic

November 21, 2022
- Andy Abramowitz
When you have a career driven competitor with a creative side, it would be easy to…

Clients saying

Testimonials of successful collaboration

“I really enjoyed being on Career Competitor Podcast! Steve was really easy to converse with and he asked knowledgeable and engaging questions. It was fun to walk down memory lane with him. ”
Kailin Sandeno Hogan Olympic Gold Medalist
“If you are looking to maximize your full potential within our career or performance, I would 100%, without a doubt, recommend you start working with Steve because it will genuinely change your life for the better. He will help you maintain focus on yourself and help build your foundation for continued success and growth”
Garret House Lead Analyst for Tyson Foods Technology Group
“As an athlete, I know each one of us has a set of transferable skills and experiences that allow us to succeed in the face of overwhelming challenges. During his interview with me and across the series, Steve does an amazing job digging deep, extracting those learning from his incredibly talented guests and sharing them with his audience to help us all get better.”
Abdul Alzindani Executive Lean Leader, Ge Renewable Energy
“I’ve participated in many podcasts and listen to quite a few … my experience both as a listener and as a former podcast guest put Career Competitor in a different category. Steve Mellor brings a depth and breadth to each podcast interview that offers a deeper level of insight, which ultimately opens things up for listeners in a way that is very rare.”
Scott Spradley CTO at Tyson Foods
“Sharing my athletic and professional journey on the Career Competitor Podcast was fun, reflective, and like talking to an old friend.”
Erica Liu Williams Founder of GR8NOLA