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Hi, I'm Steve Mellor

We are all Career Competitor’s, we just might not know it yet. I always believed I was honoring my optimal self as I competed at the highest level of swimming both as an athlete and coach. But it took all that being taken away from me in 2012 to realize I was chasing standards outside of myself that did not consider what I truly wanted. Over 3 years I began to pick up the pieces and slowly rebuild the version of myself I wanted to be, and do you know what happened? I made a career of competing on behalf of my optimal self - the person - which led to year-on-year professional success that I had never seen before. Furthermore, I have been able to facilitate similar success in hundreds of high performers as a coach over that time as well. That is why I started Career Competitor, to facilitate the very same personal and professional growth I have experienced and help you make a career of competing on behalf of your best self!
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The High Performance Executive Coaching Service to

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To support our clients with the shared space required to optimize their self awareness, get comfortable being uncomfortable, believe in their potential through adversity, and find the strength to do the personal and professional work necessary to grow.
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What You Can Expect from Your Growth Journey

Step 1: Practice Curiosity – Learn what you want by being open to anything

 Stay open to new experiences and ideas to discover your true desires. This openness will guide you towards your goals.

Step 2: Embrace Challenge – Nothing can be achieved without the necessary work

Accept that hard work is essential for success. Embracing challenges helps you grow and achieve your ambitions.

Step 3: Honor Commitments – Follow through on standards you set for yourself

Adhere to the standards you set for yourself. Consistency in your commitments builds trust and discipline.

Step 4: Level-Up Learning – Every stage of growth provides new data for the next phase

Each stage of growth provides valuable insights for future development. Use this knowledge to progress to the next level.

Why Career Competitor

Testimonials of successful collaboration

"What brought me to Steve was that I knew he was organized, self-motivated, and intentional, all things which I admired. In our first 10 weeks, he helped me get the ball rolling with some personal and professional hurdles, which is why I’ve decided to continue working with him. Working with Steve is betting on myself, and the active progress feels amazing."
Milo Cavic Olympic Medalist & Business Owner
"Through Steve's coaching, my goals, vision and pathway to success for my business are now clear for the first time in years. I have regained my competitive fire to accomplish my dreams. Steve has a true gift for getting to the heart of the matter and helping clients gain clarity and power to take action. Get ready for your performance to ignite like fireworks on the fourth of July".
Kelly Parker Palace Author, Take Your Mark, LEAD! Host of the Champion's Mojo Podcast
“If you are looking to maximize your full potential within your career or performance, I would 100%, without a doubt, recommend you start working with Steve because it will genuinely change your life for the better. He will help you maintain focus on yourself and help build your base foundation for continued success and growth. ”
Garrett House Lead Analyst for Tyson Foods Technology group
“I began working with Steve in an effort to create a life that includes a full professional schedule with a lot of travel and a deep desire to be supportive of my nearby adult children and their growing families while maintaining my peace and sanity. Steve was incredibly skilled in helping me sort through my emotions and set goals and boundaries that I could put into practice immediately. I highly recommend Steve's services as both a personal and professional coach. ”
Maria Parker CEO of Cruzbike, Inc
"Having been coached by Steve over the past 12months, the experience was life-changing and beyond even my own expectations. His coaching style helped peel back layers of myself I’d never been able to in order to help me look at the intersection of my personal life, and goals with my business life in a whole new light. It has been great to spend the time being introspective about my personal motivations to where I am now sure there of lots of good things ahead!"
Pete Bush Owner & CEO of Horizon Financial Group
“We brought Steve on board in early fall 2022 to work with our up-and-coming managers, to support them in their new roles as people managers and leaders of our organization. Steve coaches a few of them individually & we plan to continue our relationship moving forward with other managers as well. Steve created a space for our managers to reflect on their leadership skills and areas where they can maximize their skills. The feedback we got from those who were coaches by Steve is that Steve asks thought provoking questions, allows space for reflection and provides helpful strategies that they can implement in their roles. We look forward to continuing working with Steve.”
Elena Agaragimova Talent Acquisition & Development Manager – Horizon Industries
"Steve's energy and coaching concepts were exactly what we needed to take our team retreat to the next level. Our team was engaged the entire time because Steve made it fun, interesting and kept the conversation flowing."
Brooke Gautreau COO at Horizon Financial Group
"Steve has taken his Olympic coaching experience and has been able to translate that knowledge to working with organizations to best utilize their talent. If you’re looking for a resource that understands the challenges facing corporations today, or a coach to optimize your performance, Steve is your guy!"
Butch Reiser HR Business Partner at Little Caesars
"I hire Steve because I needed to start thinking of my business from the perspective of a CEO as opposed to that of a worker. I was really pleased with the experience Steve provide over the 12 months he coached me and feel a great deal of benefit from his coaching. Our work allowed for me to get focused on the business and help me come up with the insights required to where it is now performing better than ever."
Thomas Soltau Founder & CEO of Sugarfield Spirits

Frequently asked questions

How does Steve Mellor's coaching background contribute to business growth strategies?

Steve Mellor seamlessly translates his coaching experience, honed as a collegiate swimmer and Associate Head Coach at Louisiana State University, into effective strategies for personal and business development.

Can Steve Mellor's coaching approach be applied to different industries?

Yes, Steve’s coaching acumen extends beyond athletics, making his strategies adaptable and effective for individuals and businesses in various industries.

What role does Career Competitor LLC play in Steve Mellor's approach to business growth?

Career Competitor LLC, founded by Steve Mellor, serves as a platform where he operates not only as a coach but also as an Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker, offering personalized strategies for unparalleled growth.

How does Steve Mellor contribute to financial success and profit growth?

Steve’s expertise lies in unlocking greater profit and elevating Monthly Recurring Revenue (MMR) through a tailored strategy forged from his coaching and business growth experience.

What can one expect from a strategy session with Steve Mellor?

A strategy session with Steve is the gateway to paving the way for unprecedented success, whether in personal growth, business development, or achieving financial milestones.

How does Steve Mellor ensure sustained financial success for businesses?

Steve Mellor focuses on sustained financial success by applying a personalized strategy that combines his coaching expertise with a strategic mindset, guaranteeing businesses achieve and maintain their financial goals.

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Your potential is not going anywhere, and this book guides you through 3 Phases, 10 Shocks, and an endless amount of accounts and examples of what it takes to realize your potential, and shock the world!

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